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Inserts, Doublers and Liners

The difference between cloth diaper inserts, doublers, and liners can seem confusing at first. However, they each have a very clear purpose. Cloth diaper inserts are the absorbent material that are placed inside pocket diapers. They have enough absorbency to work alone, in most cases. Cloth diaper doublers are a thin "insert" that adds absorbency to any diaper. It is not intended to be used as the sole source of absorbency, but rather added for nights, naps, or any other time you need a bit more. Cloth diaper liners are meant to lay against your baby's skin, providing a barrier between them and the diaper. This works well for when diaper rash creams are needed. The flushable liners can also be used as an alternative to a diaper sprayer in dealing with poop.

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