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Now through Sunday, July 27th
spend $49 on toys and choose any puzzle for just a penny!*

We have so many toys in stock right now, we hardly know where to put them! So, we decided we should put them at your house. 

Start your holiday shopping early like you always say you're going to, or snag some gifts for late summer and fall birthday parties! Or, and your children did not pay us (much) to say this, it's kind of fun to get a new toy for no reason, Mom. 
Swing on by. The children in your life will thank you! 
*While supplies last. $49 toy purchase must be in one transaction. Any subsequent returns that bring you below $49 will be less the price of the puzzle, minus the penny you paid. Not valid on previous purchases or special orders. Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. The GGB is not responsible for an overabundance of cheer or freak snowstorms that occur with this promotion. Merry July. 
Dear GGB Families, 

When you talk to us, we listen.

We've heard from many of our long-time customers that they love shopping with us, they want to shop small and local, and they appreciate the community we've created at The Giggling Green Bean. But, they say, we don't love that the stock levels have seemed low lately. We don't love when you're busy and there aren't enough experts to help us.

We hear you.

We've strategized, we've sought expert advice, we've mulled possible solutions, and we've come to a decision. We are committed to providing excellent customer service, which means enough people to help you, all day, every day. We're committed to being your one-stop shop - making sure you can spend your hard-earned dollars in your local community (because we know every dollar you spend is a vote for what you value), which means you need a store stocked fully with everything you need. We are not willing to give you sub-standard service. We're just not. 

In order to be the kind of store you deserve, we're returning to our roots. We've loved the community created at the Lakewood store, but keeping it as a 2nd retail location is keeping us from providing the customer service you need. We've made the decision to consolidate our stock and expert staff to the Tennyson and Lutheran locations, and keep Lakewood for what it excels at - an event space! We'll be holding our Ultimate Green Baby Shower there, as well as classes and group meetings that need the larger space. As before, it will still be available for rental for your baby/birth/family event - though now you'll have a little more room to work in! Our last shopping day in the Lakewood store will be today, June 30th. 

We are most definitely not closing The Giggling Green Bean. We would love for you to visit us at Tennyson or Lutheran - or both! We want you to see the full shelves, we want you to chat with our resident experts - because there'll be plenty of them to help you, whenever you come in! (And Buffy will actually have time to make you a cup of tea if you need it - we know how important the safe space we've created over the years is!)

The point is, we're here for YOU. When you tell us something isn't working, when you tell us you miss the old way - where we were more available and where the products we carry were more available - we're going to move heaven and earth (and Lakewood) to make it happen. We can't wait to see all of you Lakewood lovelies at Tennyson and Lutheran! And please, know that we love your feedback. We use it to grow, to better ourselves, and to be the very best store and community we can be! We're excited to be taking this step - we know you'll be happy with the return to our roots - and we're also happy to answer any questions you may have, so don't be shy!

With love,



The Giggling Green Bean


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