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Flying by the seat of our (dry) pants.

You know, I wish I could say that once you parented one kid, the rest are just easy as pie – been there, done that, got the t-shirt and had it altered to fit you. Unfortunately, you basically start over again with each one, because they insist upon strange things like being their own person and making mommy work for it.

My one consolation is that what you do get better at with each successive kid (and each successive year of the one(s) you’ve got) is improvising and going with the flow. (At least, I tell myself this so that I can let the universe manifest it for me like I was promised by whatever guru Oprah had on that week.) My oldest learned to use the potty when he was just over two. My second was a new baby, but he was the most mellow baby you could ever wish for that was just happy to be wherever he was, and I could just set him down, tend to the puddle, move the toddler to the potty, and go on with our day. (Okay, I made that sound really non-stressful, but in all honesty, potty training was my most hated few days ever – once we got past the initial you and me are stuck at the hip until you can remember to put your pee in the potty and not on the rug phase, it was so much easier, but that first few days I was Googling for gypsy caravans offering free pickup.)

This time, my mellow baby turned into the wildest toddler I know, and while I’ve felt for awhile that he could probably get the hang of the potty, he was in no way ready to have unfettered access to the bathroom. We made a few attempts at starting the process, but it always ended with no pee in the potty, but plenty of hands in the potty, the remote in the potty, and pee on the floor. Add to that the new, new baby who does not like to be put down willy nilly, and I was basically content to diaper forever.

Seriously, just when you think you’ve come to a resolution on an issue, is it just me or does it always come back and bite you in the patoot?

The last few days have been really hard to diaper the toddler. He is constantly taking off pants and diapers, bringing them to me and saying, “Ucky.” I tried changing more frequently, getting us out of the house, even resorting to the largest onesies we own to deny diaper access. All thwarted. He’d hand me a freshly put on diaper – nothing in it, “Ucky.” He’d strip at the bouncy castle place. He’d maneuver the diaper off with onesie remaining snapped and in place (rather like the take your bra off without removing your shirt trick).

This morning, I went through 6 diapers between 6-7:30am. I looked very stern and said that pants must remain on. He took off diaper number 7 and said, “Ucky.”

So, here we are. In underwear. The door to the bathroom open. The big kid enlisted as cheerleader. And wouldn’t you know it, even with those previous false starts that said to me he’s not ready, he’s been dry all day. I managed to get the toilet plunger away from him before he decided to chew on it, and it gave me a reason to clean off the countertop, but today has been monumentally uneventful except for the fact that he learned how to pee on purpose.

And of course, we had to have a blizzard last night with zero groceries in the house, so when it seemed like the roads were good enough, we all bundled upĀ  and headed out to the store. Within the first 6 hours or so of potty practice in earnest. And wouldn’t you know, he wore underwear, went potty at the store, fell asleep on the way home, and is still dry? If you would have asked me yesterday if we were going to be out of diapers today, I’d have told you NO WAY, NO HOW. NOT READY. And by not ready, I would have meant ME.

Thank goodness for all three of them and for wacky blizzards and dry trips to the store to teach me to listen better and go with the flow.

More than just diapers

We do have more cloth diapers than any store in the Denver Metro, so if you do need cloth diapers we’ve got you covered. However, if your sister-in-law or cousin Fred are not currently in cloth diapers, you may be looking for a different sort of gift for them. So many people are surprised when they come in our store and find that we are so much more than cloth diapers! We are full of ecological, locally made, and unique gifts for the toilet-trained folks in your life! I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you.

lifefactory water bottles for grownups

They reinvented the glass baby bottle – BPA, dishwasher safe, and with a silicone sleeve to prevent breakage and give a place to grip. When I first saw them I wished a little that we ever had a reason to give bottles so I could use them! So, imagine my joy when I realized they had a bottle for ME! Beautiful, colorful, BPA free glass water bottles for adults! Do you have a friend or loved one who has yet to ditch the disposables in this area of their life? Everyone needs to drink their water (especially in dry Colorado!), why not do it in style?

tiffin boxes

Don’t you love it when something that works so well also looks so cool? I feel like that about the Tiffins! Used for years in India, the classic Tiffin is two-tiered stainless steel and keeps your courses separate. It’s lightweight, infinitely portable, and you can haveĀ  a sandwich and pasta and never the twain shall meet! Awesome for moms and kids who want different park lunches without mom having to cart a carrier for everyone.

local lovelies

We are so lucky in the Denver Metro to have amazing artisans that create such beautiful work. If you’re in the mood to shop local and buy local, you can swing by our mama-owned store and snag some local handmade goodness. We’ve got bibs, clothing, tutus, accessories, bags, and art all made right here. My favorite locally made gift would have to be the art-glass nightlights blown by artist Sara Good! You have to see these in person!

Swing by, we’re more than just diapers, and you’ll be amazed at the fun stuff you find!

Win Great Gifts!


My baby got a card from the President.

Yeah, that president. The one in the big white house with all the columns.

Funnily enough, to get to the dude with the biggest office in the land, we started small. We have many small dogs, and because of this I’ve had dachshund themed birth announcements for each of the kids, so we had to find some for baby. This is no small feat since dogs on things for kids tend to be beagles, scottie dogs or poodles. While there is certainly nothing wrong with those dogs, wienerdog people are a weird bunch, so if you haven’t met any, just trust me on this one.

Exhibit A: My child has enough wienerdog fashion to wear something with a wienerdog every day and not repeat until she is 12. She will be seven weeks tomorrow.

Because we also shop small (Hi, Giggling Green Bean!), I turned to Etsy and found the dachshund birth announcements of my dreams, and I sent a message to the amazing artist behind them, and waited for the baby. When she came, I whipped up some wording, ordered the announcements, and had them in about a week!

Well, apparently we also friend small, because I had a difficult time thinking of 10 people that would want a birth announcement from us in the era of Facebook and picture text messaging. (To be honest, I mostly get the birth announcements to frame with newborn pictures so I can look at them myself and remember my wild lunatics as sweet babies.)

So I have everybody accounted for, I have mine saved and framed up, and I have this gorgeous announcement leftover and looking sad. Of course, what would anyone do in this situation? Send it to the President of the United States. Right? Well. I mean. Unless you live in France or something (in which case, do you think you’d get a card back from Carla Bruni-Sarkozy? Because maybe I will move to France in that case. I love her. Have you heard her music pre-first lady? I’ve loved it for years – I highly recommend Quelqu’un m’a dit – the link goes to Amazon, but pick it up at your favorite local music shop instead, oui?).

And with three 4-and-unders and five under your feet wienerdogs, it’s difficult to shower, let alone get your baby announcements out in a timely fashion, so imagine my surprise when just this weekend Miss Dale Arden Irene K got an envelope from The White House in the mail. It’s not an invite to a black-tie dinner at the private residence or anything, but it’ll sure be a fun addition to the baby scrapbook (if, you know, I get around to showering and move onto those bigger projects like baby scrapbooks).

Do you have an extra birth announcement? Send it within a year of baby’s birth to:

White House Greetings Office
Room 39
Washington, DC 20500

I wrote her full name (with last name) and address on the back of the announcement because I read somewhere to do that, but I can’t seem to find it again. Oh, fickle Google.


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